Game 2 Details

The next game is a scavenger hunt! The information in this post is not available to your muses. It is only so you as a player have a full understanding of the game dynamics.

The list that will be e-mailed to your character's phone five minutes into the game:

red stapler
floppy disk
rolling chair wheel
unbroken pencil
silk plant
file folder
computer mouse
piece of a broken mirror
carpet square
soap dispenser
phone handset
window blinds
copper pipe
plexiglass fluorescent light cover

Your muse's team must find at least five of these items each. They may lose them again later, but pick five and make certain they collect them as quickly as possible. From that point on what happens, happens.

Here is a map of the building the game will be played in. Make certain to mention where your muse is, because in certain areas they will trip up events, of which the administration team will need to e-mail you with details.

Weapons (no other weapons will be allowed though they can use whatever they find inside, only things you might find in an office building)
Reborn: will get his pellet gun (20 pellets included)
Izaya: will get his knife
Dilandau: a rapier

Hisoka: five flash bombs (they will not do any damage just a quick distracting flash of light)
Gokudera: 5 of whichever of his fireworks he chooses
Bianchi: one tranquilizer gun with five darts of the same poisons she used last time. (upgraded for winning last game)

Extra Supplies Your character begins with:
Izaya: A Backpack, a Hatchet and a Head lamp
Bianchi: A Shovel
Reborn: A Glow Stick, a Paperclip and a Fannypack
Gokudera: An 5'11" length of Rope and a Pry bar
Dilandau: None
Hisoka: A Flashlight and a Tote bag

Please let us know if you have any questions. The game will begin this Thursday if there are not complaints.
allow me to explain

Just notes on threads I'm still in

Let me know if I'm missing any.

The game thread, I'm waiting on Molly so I can go down and talk with Dilandau.
Finished the thread with Gokudera.
Started a lunch the day after thread with Hisoka.
Still working on the backlog thread with Reborn unless you want to consider that finished.

Izaya, let me know when you want to work something out with him calling her phone.

Game 1 Information

Your character will not know this yet. This is for you as a player to prepare.

The first game has been adjusted to fit the amount of players we currently have, every single one that has received a letter may participate regardless of if they have gathered a team. It's fairly simple.

Everyone who got an PM saying you are in the A group will have a five inch disk that glows brightly enough that it would be very difficult to conceal in the dark.

Everyone who got an PM saying you are in the B group will not. If you did not receive a PM please let us know either in a private message on LJ or on the forums.

The goal is to have at least one disk by the end of the game. Each disk will be worth 100 credits.

How you retrieve or protect these disks is up to you but you must keep them with you at all times (so no hiding them in abandoned buildings and leaving). If they are farther than 50 feet away from a Mitternacht symbol(pin, tattoo etc) for longer than five minutes, the disk will explode and no one will get that 100 credits. If you step outside of the game zone (in this game it is all of Corona), the disk will explode regardless of how close to it you are.

As of right now the game thread will last one week unless we decide you need a little more time to make a good run of it.

The game thread will be posted tomorrow in the log community.

Good luck!

First Game Log

The first midnight game log will begin exactly a week from today. May 14. Details will be posted here and pmed directly to individuals in preparation. In the meantime the administration team will be reviewing any more applications that come in and setting the game up. Feel free to continue day one, get to know your fellow players!

For any questions or discussions you can reply to this entry.

OOC: Mod announcement

All current members receive their letters in the mail on Day 1 (Johannes is still revising so he'll have to wait a little while).

Day 1 posts can begin this evening. Also, we are officially advertising the game as mit_society updated advertisements are here

We want to try to get 10-15 players before we start the midnight games. But the forming of teams should take a day or two in game anyway. It will take a while for people to find one another. Also, assume that in your letter you are given access to mit_society where your character can try to make meetings with other people in the society. They might want to be a little careful at first, you never know who you can trust after all! Don't forget to use mitternacht_log to either link to the roleplay from the forums or just start roleplaying!

Let us know if you have questions!